Russia and Cuba Address the ‘Unacceptable’ Unilateral Sanctions Against Their Countries

Ricardo Cabrisas, Deputy Prime Minister of Cuba and main negotiator of its foreign debt. (EFE)

14ymedio bigger EFE (via 14ymedio), Moscow, 18 November 2022 — On Thursday, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Riabkov and the Deputy Prime Minister of Cuba, Ricardo Cabrisas, addressed the “unacceptable” unilateral sanctions against their respective countries.

Both “underlined the firm position of both countries that unilateral sanctions in violation of the UN Charter and the principles and norms of international law are unacceptable,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Riabkov also expressed his “unconditional support of Cuba for lifting the illegal US embargo on the Island.”

The deputy minister and Cabrisas held a meeting on the eve of the XIX meeting of the Russian-Cuban Intergovernmental Commission on Commercial, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation.

During the meeting, Riabkov and Cabrisas also discussed current issues for the strengthening of the strategic partnership between Moscow and Havana in the political, commercial, economic, investment, cultural and humanitarian spheres.

In addition, they exchanged views on key issues of the international and regional agenda.

The meeting takes place before the arrival of Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel on Saturday night in Moscow, where at the beginning of the week he will meet with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Boris Titov, Russian Presidential Commissioner for the Rights of Workers, who was invited to the Havana International Fair (Fihav), said hours earlier from the Island that Cuba and his country are negotiating the possibility of carrying out transactions in rubles and cryptocurrencies with the aim of dodging international sanctions and facilitating “mutual payments.”

The politician stated that “compensation mechanisms” and other “private” options are also valued as an alternative to payment in dollars.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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