Rumblings / Rebeca Monzo

It’s sad when motivations fail. What a music or painter would call a muse.

I’m a person who doesn’t give up easily, but these days, I’m very conscious of my state of mind, since I’ve taken some distance from my computer and when I open Word, nothing comes to my mind. It must be because I have some fixed ideas which have stuck to my head, preventing new ones from getting in. Something like the famous lyrics to the Sánchez de Fuentes song: the sorrows that kill me, they are so many that they run over each other, they crowd each other, and that’s why they don’t kill me.

Actually, I have a lot of reasons to thank God, and believe me, I do it every day. Some people close to me call me privileged, because I live in a nice apartment, well decorated and with nice furniture (furniture left by friends and family), which I keep in good condition at all costs. Also, I’ve traveled and had the fortune of meeting interesting people, have good and loyal friends, and above all, I possess the gift of creating beautiful things with my own hands. But all of that, which I truly treasure, can’t be compared with what I’ve lost: freedom.

Today is Domingo (Sunday), we had invited a friend for lunch, but he couldn’t come. This means this gray day will not get brighter. Later we’ll go visit the poet and his wife, ending on a high note this dullest day of the week. I used to tell my friends – lucky me, I never fell in love with a man named Domingo!

That’s why Letting time do its work, which is the best remedy for this and other diseases (Sancho Panza to Don Quijote), I say farewell, and hope you all have a nice Sunday.

Translated by: Xavier Noguer