Rock Peppers / Regina Coyula

My son has spent months asking me to share this impression with you.

It has been a gift to me in recent months to hear a rock band that has become my son’s favorite, and incidentally, now and again he’s asked to listen to them on headphones so as not to miss a single note of the spectacular waterfall of sound.

I can’t avoid seeing a strange resemblance between this band and pepper. With that childhood messiness of kids who are picky eaters, I always set aside the little bits of onion and garlic I found. A little more grown-up, I made friends with onions, but it was only twenty years later that I tried peppers, and discovered what I missed!

The same thing has happened to me with Dream Theater, spending so much time without having tried it. My son loves to compare our reactions to one or another piece (usually very long), we each have our favorites, but enjoy teasing out the details where we agree. Thanks to my nephew Daniel, a drummer in a rock band, and the number one fan in the family, we have the complete discography.

A quite emphatic recommendation for people who enjoy the classical music of our era, because I have no doubt they will be classics. They will likely be extremely famous and I am discovering the already warm water, but discovering it at last, and, I repeat, I won’t let it go by!

November 3, 2010