Problems Left Hanging… / Rosa María Rodríguez Torrado


I turned on the TV early on March 26 to “distract” my palate from the taste of a steaming cup of bodega coffee — when it’s cold there’s no way I can drink it — and was surprised by the information in the morning magazine, Buenos Dias, about an event on racial discrimination in Cuba. It was being held in the province of Ciego de Avila and was sponsored by the Writers and Artists Union, UNEAC.

This is one of the many problems that the Revolution promised to resolve and did not. On the contrary, it has been characterized by discriminating against Cubans and they have systematically violated basic fundamental rights.

Despite the high level of educational attainment in Cuba, there are still marginalized attitudes in society in various aspects of national life. Obviously, the event — whether directed or not — confirms the spaces for debate that are being created between different social sectors and that should be opened and increasingly diversified, to assist in promoting scenarios f coexistence more fair and equitable among Cubans.

This is perhaps an isolated event aimed at promoting increased “orderly” and progressive “democratic” dialog about issues that do not prove to be too uncomfortable for the authorities, or jeopardize their remaining in power. While not addressing core political issues such as a multi-party system and fundamental freedoms in general, it will be a mediated exchange. However, I new hope these expressions of concern for debate — and hopefully they may be in the mood to resolve — these neglected matters that are lacerating our nation.

I hope for me, but “I can’t ask pears to grow on elms,” as we say, speaking of asking for the impossible. And even if not defining, for now, the news excited me, because as another saying goes, better late than never.

31 March 2012