Pro-Castro Panamanian groups threaten Cuban activists / 14ymedio

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, 8 April 2105 — Several Panamanian leftist organizations have forwarded to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Panama, Isabel de Saint Malo, a letter of protest against the activities organized by the groups in opposition to the governments of Cuba and Venezuela in the forums being held before the Summit of the Americas. The letter was sent last Monday and has been published today in the official Cuban media.

The signers of the text consider that the dissidents, “Have as their aim to use our country as a platform to conspire and coordinate actions intended to interfere in the internal matters of these two nations.” Therefore, they ask, “Very respectfully that the national government, through the Foreign Ministry, take measures to prevent these activities.” The agenda of the forums whose suspension they are asking was presumably added to the letter, although it has not been disclosed in the official media.

The signatories specify that they do not oppose the participation of the opponents in the Summit’s forums, but rather, “The conspiratorial activities and the public demonstrations outside the Summit, that have a perverse intention, against the two sister nations.” However, they warn that if these measures they have requested are not taken they will see themselves “obliged” to respect their country, “and so avoid that it is used for interventionist conspiracies and demonstrations and the internal matters of other brother countries.”

The letter concludes by holding the Government of Panama responsible for what might happen if it does not take measures to avoid the forums. “If these activities and provocation and interference are not prevented, the national government will be responsible for whatever lamentable situation it might present.”

The organizations signing the letter are the Independent Movement of National Refoundation (MIREN), the Panama National Workers Center (CNTP), The Authentic Workers Federation (FAT), the CocaCola Workers Union, The National Brewery and Others (SITRAFCIREBGASCELIS), the Union Federation of the Workers of the Republic of Panama (FSTRP), the Wide Colon Front (FAC), the Veraguas Association of Educators (AEVE), the National Coordinator of Solidarity with Cuba, the Ecological Collective Voices (COVEXC), the Student Group of Transformative Thinking and Action (PAT), the Conscience Renewal Student Group (CORE), the Independent Association of Functionaries of the CSS (AIFCSS), the Panama Journalists Union (SPP), The Polo Citizenry, and the National Front for the Defense of Economic and Social Rights (FRENADESO).