Prison Diary XXXV: The Silence of the Lambs / Angel Santiesteban

It’s been over a month since Sunday, May 26, when Cuba was named — in the 38th Congress of the International Federation of Human Rights in Istanbul, Turkey — as the country in Latin America that commits violations against each and every one of the civil and political rights.

What should be a national holiday, can’t be celebrated because it’s like the story of the first centuries of the colonizers, having to wait for the boat, powered by the wind and the will of God, sailing the Atlantic.

The silence about the violations is another violation that adds to the Calvary that we Cubans suffer. To this chain of silences is added that of the journalists with access to the Internet who remain silent until their bosses dictate the news and the style in which it must be presented; while their conscience slept, making this humiliation of their profession an everyday event.

In September the Cuban functionaries will return to Geneva, and, once more, try to cover their misdeeds, displaying their cunning and deceit, underestimating the intelligence of others.

For now Cuba, as for over half a century, is served by the voice of the people. The news passes from one to another, crossing the city and the whole island, with the echo of those who listen to Radio Martí and those who can read it on the Internet.

Really, we are close to the reality of Cuban changing, we just have to push the wall, making the ultimate effort to produce the social change we need.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats, Prison 1580, July 2013

12 July 2013