Police Prevent Lynching of an Alleged Rapist in Santiago de Cuba

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 11 February 2020 — The police have had to intervene to prevent the lynching of an alleged rapist in Santiago de Cuba, according to several independent media outlets on the Island.

According to residents of the area, last Saturday the detainee allegedly raped a girl just 8 years old, who had to be admitted to the Hospital Infantil Sur, known as La Colonia.

The aggressor, Diario de Cuba recountstried to hide at a friend’s house in the neighborhood of Nuevo Vista Alegre, but a crowd surrounded him and threw stones at him.

The police had to lead the man inside the house to prevent the situation from getting worse and even the presence of special agents was required.

When the agents removed the detainee to put him in the patrol car, the population threw objects again until a confrontation with the police began in which shots were heard.

Apparently, the girl, a neighbor of the San Pedrito neighborhood, had attended a birthday party and the alleged aggressor picked her up claiming that her mother had sent him to look for her.

In the images that have circulated through the networks, the enraged crowd is seen attempting to take justice in their own hands and the police forces trying to disperse the mob by means of tonfas.


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