Osbelgi, A Story to Tell / Alexis Piloto Cabrero, Cuban Law Association

Lic. Alexis Piloto Cabrero

Osbelgi Fábregas Ramos deposited the sum of $90,000 CUP (Cuban currency) in a Popular Savings Bank in Havana in 2001, finding out days after the transaction, in Camaguey, where he currently lives, the money was not in the bank.

Desperate after what had taken place and with the proof he had, among which was a bank slip showing a recent withdrawal, where the evidence of the credit coincided with his bankbook, he went back again to the capital and decided to report the events.

Not the plot of a movie, it was extremely real; the documents handed over which constituted the material proof of the crime were lost by the judges themselves in Havana and all he was left with was a receipt for the date where it happily shows he provided the documents for the legal process.

Up to that point, by his own accounts, the complaint sat on the desk of the Chief Prosecutor in Havana, who after more than 12 years a certain end awaits her, despite that according to Osbelgi through the letters that he presented to the Cuban Law Association (AJC), neither Francisco Soberon, ex president of the Bank of Cuba, nor the Attorney General of the Republic nor the Council of State and Ministers have given him an answer to his problem.  We’ll see what happens from now on, he has asked the Cuban Law Association for an answer from those who should provide one, and have forgotten to do so.

We’ll comment on the path of this story through the mazes which the law provides.

Translated by LYD

4 November 2013