Only One Face on the Coin / Rebeca Monzo

On my planet, if something has been very efficient and consistent, information about it is manipulated all the time, bringing us only one aspect of it. But ultimately by introducing another news source, Telesur, the population has been very impressed by the new format, which departs enough from that which we are accustomed to, leaving us dazzled by it.

New scenes, new presentations, elegance in its commentators, more images, in short, everything that has hooked viewers. But if you look closely, you’ll see it is more of the same. The information provided is biased, the speakers seem to take sides in news content, and voice-overs are substituted for reporters on site, who are rarely heard, as these are replaced in the studio.

Also its slogan gives us a lot to think about. Our North is the South. No friend, north is north and south is south. Or is it that you also want me to change the cardinal positions? Have they perhaps that lost their compass? In short, you may walk around the thing.

Another small matter that bothers me is that presentations of the sports section, with regards to baseball they never talk about it at all. However, about football, which is also a professional sport but with no tradition on our planet, they give a great deal of information. Amen to the comments of the gentleman newscaster who looks like a pirate in a modern suit, who presents the major part of this news and when he salutes he does it military-style. I respect that the majority of people who say they enjoy it, but as far as I’m concerned, I’d like to see both sides of the coin.

March 17 2011