Officers Invade Home to Remove Protest Sign / Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello

Opponents house after an act of repudiation
Opponents house after an act of repudiation

HAVANA, Cuba, October 8, 2013, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello / On Thursday September 26, Barbara Fernandez Barrera was the victim of an act of repudiation in her home, located at Avenida 47, #7403, between 74th and 76th, in the municipality of San Antonio de los Baños, Artemisa province. The attack was ordered by Ernesto Perez, head of State Security for the municipality.

Supposedly, officers arrived with a warrant, but they didn’t show it to Barbara, saying it was from the Municipal Prosecutor, named Damaris Jata Seco. The aim was to remove a sign that was on the wall of the balcony of his house, that said: A long injustice, 3 years without water.

About twelve men went to the house by order of the Prosecutor. The painted the front green and white, in an illegal act of vandalism, according to Barbara, because this officer decided to do so.

While they were carrying out the painting, they were also threatening the woman, telling her she could fall from the balcony.

Also present was a State Security official known as Osmani. According to Barbara, she has put up with this situation since February 6, 2009, caused by the downstairs neighbors who cut off the water supply from the street.

She went out to demonstrate publicly on May 27, accompanied by some dissidents, with signs to protest this untenable situation and a deputy prosecutor named Marlen appeared outside the Municipal Prosecutor’s office and told her it would be resolved; she had been totally deceived, as is usual with the regime when they want to get out of difficult situations.

Now, Barbara has an Independent Library named after Václav Havel. According to her account, those who were in her house painting, shouted that they were going to burn her books. They offended the former Czech president, saying he was a “criminal” who fancied himself a defender of Human Rights.

It should be made clear that all these people were officially representing the Cuban regime, which has diplomatic relations with the Czech Republic .

As in most cases of social problems, the government does not solve this problem to make this family’s life a little easier, but removes a poster that does not look good from the political standpoint. As always: It’s politics before social justice.

Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello

From Cubanet, 9 October 2013