Obama Loosens and Castro Squeezes / Antunez

The new recently-approved measures from the North unfortunately only point at—albeit with the best of intentions—oxygenating the dying tyranny of Havana, without providing any benefits to the democratic cause in Cuba.

The administration of Mr. Obama must understand that it is not the United States of America that needs to change their policies regarding their relationship to Cuba, but that it is the Castro regime that needs to implement changes and democratic openness, free its prisoners, respect human rights, and also introduce a market economy and allow free enterprise, without setbacks or cosmetic measures.

The Obama administration continues to act, in my opinion, in an erratic manner, avoiding the marrow of the issue. I would like to think that most of those who support these policies have not lost their faith in the main actors of change, that democratic opposition that—both inside and outside Cuba—never ceases in its attempts to accelerate the transition and the practical implementation of true openness.

I would also like it if some radio journalists who gather the opinions of people in Cuba did so in a more balanced way, not limiting to seek the opinions of only those in favor of Obama’s policies, but also of those of us who have a different view. Journalism, except—of course—for the official press, is supposed to inform with transparency and objectivity, and not to please or praise people or interests, no matter how influential or powerful they may seem.

Dear Journalist: If you have any doubts, please ask Radio Martí journalists Juilo Machado and Jorge Jáuregui, and they will surely teach you how to remain friends while being fair, and without renouncing impartial journalism and without the slightest passion.

Translated by T

15 January 2011