National Prison Hospital Has 15 Cholera Patients / Dania Virgen Garcia

HAVANA, Cuba, September 6, 2013, Dania Virgen García / In the National Prison Hospital (HNR) of Combined del Este prison in Havana, there are 15 confirmed cases of cholera, according to the inmate Daniel Perez Diaz, who is admitted there.

According to Perez Diaz, on 2 September there were 15 confirmed cases receiving hospital care in the HNR. In the intensive care ward there are twelve inmates in serious condition

Patients with different pathologies admitted to the intensive care ward of HNR, were transferred to open rooms without considering the risks of contagion that this could bring. The responsibility for this was the decision of the Ministry of Interior major Dr. Alexis.

On day 2, while Dr. Alexis visited, he stopped at the bed of inmate Daniel Perez Diaz and told him he was not interested in his cure, he announced he would not give permission for any other facility to treat him, calling him “counterrevolutionary” and threatening him with beatings for furnishing information to those he called “cheap journalists.”

By Dania Virgen Garcia —

From Cubanet

6 September 2013