My Poor Blog / Mario Lleonart

My first post this year titled “My first post of 2013,” dated January 9, explained to my readers the cause of my tardiness: my lack of internet connection meant that it was nine days into the year before I could post my first text.

Well today is March 26 and I’m posting my fifth post of the year, which is almost equivalent to an average, so far this year, of one post per month.

The truth is that I am not giving in to my lack of connection and so here I am again. I am even trying to take some measures not to achieve a better internet connection, which is impossible, but to take take advantage of the programming options offered by WordPress. So again I apologize to those who have the patience to glance at my poor blog. Thank you for looking here to follow my simple words.

God bless you all.

26 March 2013