Medical Services for Prisoners Delayed in Ciego de Avila / Ada Olimpia Becerra Fuentes

SANTA CLARA, Cuba , November 12, 2013, Ada Olimpia / Alberto Pérez Oliva, an inmate in Moron prison in Ciego de Avila, said by telephone that in the past 10 days an injured inmate did not receive medical attention due to negligence of the prison management.

Laine Sanchez Toledo was injured during the course of the night in a settling of accounts; in the morning he was taken to the medical station and later they sent him to  the hospital in Morón, where he was admitted in prison ward, given the severity of his injuries, Perez Oliva said.

Alberto, who is serving a sentence of five years in prison, said that he too is a victim of inadequate medical care in that prison, because he has gastric problems and they have not taken him to see a specialist.

He added that “Papito,” a prisoner who died of respiratory failure at Camp Trust, known as Pitajones, did not receive medical care at the right time.

This reporter, in verifying the report via telephone with Morón prison, was attended by the duty officer, who declined to give their data and information.

Before this refusal, the Sánchez Toledo family was contacted, in the person of Leonardo Sanchez Roman, and so it was possible to learn, with certainty, about the events.

By Ada Olimpia Becerra Fuentes

Cubanet, 12 November 2013