Letter of Damages 2014 / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

What if the light or freedom doesn’t reach us in time.

What it Evil prevails over our bodies and our exhausted demand for freedom.

What if Fidel and Raul Castro don’t die, as they threaten.

What if the surname Castro remains a cruel scar after Raul and Fidel.

What if Cuba falls into the hands of or never emerges from the Latin American debacle.

What if the United States doesn’t remember our nation any more.

What if free Europe never stops betraying us.

What if the truth is too true.

What if it’s too late to revive the broken soul of our people.

What if the Cuban exile never returns, as it already never returned.

What if even more violence lies ahead for us.

What if death, always death, looks us in the eye and undermines the love that remains in our heart.

What if memory degrades our will to love.

What if we are not.

What if we weren’t.

Cuba, nobody would have love you more than you and me.

31 December 2013