La Mala Letra in La Joven Cuba (13) / Regina Coyula

For Peralo with regards to the Pablo Milanes concert.

Much ado over Pablo Milanes’ concert in Miami. As I am in favor of eliminating all tensions between Cubans, the concert seems positive to me. I’m sure that Pablo has a great many fans in Miami, Cubans and otherwise. I’m struck by so much virulence toward Pablo, so far from the official trenches. As always in the case of Cuba, artists are asked to take a political position, when the message of art is so much more powerful and lasting than the slogans.

I also think believe that to speak of cultural exchange, artists living in the United States should perform in Cuba. Otherwise, Pablo, Paultio, Gente d’Zona, the Fidel supporter Candido Fabre and others, would be nothing more than artists contracted by a show business employer. If the artists located in the United States want to come to Cuba, to bring their art without economic benefits to themselves, the ball would be in the Cuban government’s court.

I would be delighted, as I have said, to hear Willy Chirino in Havana, if it’s tomorrow, all the better. But even though Willy was willing to come and pay the expenses, this concert… Ah!… will be delayed.

August 17 2011