Joint Statement By The Cuban Opposition Meeting in Mexico / 14ymedio

14ymedio, Mexico, 5 December 2014 — The meeting Roads for a Democratic Cuba, held in Mexico, closed Thursday with a joint statement signed by the attendees and focused on the consensus points necessary for beginning a democratic transition on the Island.

We reproduce here the entire text of that statement:

We, representatives of diverse organizations and activists of Cuban civil society from the Island and the Diaspora, meeting in Mexico City under the auspices of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Christian Democratic Organization of America, have had the opportunity to concur on matters of common interest which we reflect below:

  1. The urgent need for Cuba to move to democracy
  2. The shared calling that this transition occur peacefully
  3. The respect for diversity of non-violent methods of fighting

Understanding that it is up to Cubans to carry out actions that lead to solving the problems of Cuba, taking into account the role of those who live on the Island and the indispensable support that the Diaspora can and should offer.

How beneficial it would be for the entities of civil society, political actors, governments and international organizations from all over the world to offer greater solidarity in defense of human rights in Cuba.

It is identified as one of the main challenges to work in search of projects for unity of action and strategies for change. Similarly, it is agreed to salute the existence of different projects with these features aimed at achieving a Cuban democracy.

Recognizing the absence from this event of activists whom the Government did not permit to leave the country and others who for various reasons were not present.

Signed December 4, 2014.

  • Eliecer Avila: We Are More
  • Yaxys Cires Dib: Christian Democratic Party of Cuba
  • Manuel Cuesta Morua: Progressive Arc
  • Reinaldo Escobar: Journalist
  • Guillermo Farinas Hernandez: Patriotic Union of Cuba and Anti-totalitarian United Front
  • Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez: Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front
  • Rene Gomez Manzano: Agramontista Current, UNPACU
  • Eroises Gonzalez Suarez: Liberal Cuban Solidarity Party
  • Andres Hernandez Amor: Christian Democratic Party of Cuba
  • Rene Hernandez Bequet: Christian Democratic Party of Cuba
  • Rafael Leon Rodriguez: Cuban Democratic Project
  • Omar Lopez Montenegro: Latin American Center for Non-violence
  • German Miret: Human rights activist
  • Armando Pena Guzman: Christian Liberation Movement
  • Marfeli Perez-Estable: Academic
  • Julio Pichs: National Cuban American Foundation, Cuban Consensus
  • Vladimiro Roca Antunez: Social Democratic Party of Cuba
  • Rolando Rodriguez Lobaina: Eastern Democratic Alliance
  • Rosa Maria Rodriguez Torrado: Cuban Democratic Project
  • John Suarez: Cuban Democratic Leadership

Translated by MLK