Imaginary Interview of an Ex-Minister / Rebeca Monzo

Journalist: Mr. Ex-Minister, do you think it’s easier to run a restaurant than a ministry?

Ex-Minister: Don’t you believe it. The difference isn’t much, save the distances. In the restaurant those who eat come from the outside, and when they finish they leave. In a ministry those who eat are inside and they don’t leave until they retire or get the boot.

Journalist: Could you name some work you’ve done or jobs you’ve held?

Ex-Minister: Well, as you may know, I was a young militant, so I had to hoe a lot of sugar cane and coffee, you know, to get rid of the weeds. I also was a young leader and specialist in jumps, a made a lot of people jump, I remember the one who didn’t jump is a Yankee; later I was a park groundskeeper, self-taught painter, and now I run a restaurant.

Journalist: Then you are a man who has changed greatly. So we can deduce that you believe in change.

Ex-Minister: Effectively, my life has changed greatly. So I not only believe in changes, I support them!

June 1 2011