Human Rights / Regina Coyula #Cuba

For more or less the last five years the national media has begun to talk about human rights. But not all of them. Education and health seems to be “the Human Rights that we advocate,” a narrow concept that allows them to appear to be talking about the subject when in fact they are ignoring it.

If in the United States (I mention it because in the official press it is obligatory to do so) Human Rights are violated, it is the concern of the Americans. Individually, in organized groups created for that purpose, or appealing to the courts, they can fight for their rights. What worries me is that in Cuba those that “are not advocated” in the official propaganda are “forgotten.”

So the government is procrastinating — and will continue to procrastinate — in ratifying the U.N. Covenants on Human Rights (which they already signed in New York). We can’t speak selectively about Human Rights.

December 10 2012