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Image representing José Martí with a white rose.

Cubalex, 15 November 2021 — Cubalex summarized the 48 acts of harassment against civil society we’ve monitored since yesterday, November 14th.

At the end of each day, we will be publishing similar reports. We request your help in sharing. Let’s show the repressive essence of the Cuban regime.


La Lisa

1. Yunior García Aguilera denounced that his home was surrounded by agents dressed as civilians who violently expelled a crew of journalists that arrived to try to interview him. The mob performed an act of repudiation in front of his house.

Habana del Este (East Havana)

2. Under siege in her house Yoani Licea Gómez, one of the signers of the application to the march on 15N [that was submitted to the authorities and rejected].


3. The internet was cut off for Rafael Santos Regalado and his family members and his house is surrounded by patrol cars.


4. Yeniley Perdomo Sao received a police summons and state agents established a surveillance operation at the home of Abu Duyanah Tamayo.

5.María Esther Lemus  summoned to an interrogation and subjected to threats and degrading treatment.


6. Miryorly García denounced a surveillance operation at her home and later an attempted repudiation meeting.


7. Diosdado Verdecia denounced a surveillance operation.

San Miguel del Padrón

8. Ever Zamora Hernández received a San Miguel del Padrón police summons.


8. Under house arrest Maykel González.

Central Havana

9. Edel Carrero is under house arrest.


10. Detained José Díaz Silva and Lourdes Esquivel.

Revolution Plaza

11. Two young people were detained in Quijote Park.

12. State agents prevented the movement and established surveillance operations at the homes of Oscar Casanella, Boris González Arenas, Abraham Jiménez Enoa and Luz Escobar, who was threatened by a State Security agent when she filmed him.

Arroyo Naranjo

13. Yolanda Santana Ayala is assumed to be “disappeared”.


14. Carolina Sansón denounced a surveillance operation.

La Lisa

15. Under surveillance in his home Pablo Enrique Delgado Hernández.

Other relevant information

16. All week Camila Acosta, Ileana Hernández and Carolina Barrero denounced surveillance operations at their residences.

17. Militarization: The presence of Rapid Response Brigades and military trucks are reported along the malecón.

18. The office of Religious Affairs of the Central Committee tells priests Rolando Montes de Oca, Castor Álvarez and Alberto Reyes that if they participate in tomorrow’s protests they will be detained.



19. Doctor Alexander Jesús Figueredo denounced surveillance operations in his usual places of residence.

20. Lieutenant Colonel Oriel verbally summoned Yunior Berges to an interrogation. He is under surveillance in his home.


21. Yander Serra was summoned by police. As he was walking, they detained him and took him to the police station and fined him 3,000 pesos because supposedly two days before they saw him using his face mask incorrectly.

22. Yoendri Fornaris, one of the people who protested on July 11th, denounced a surveillance operation at her residence.


23. Noeima Rodríguez was visited by the chief of State Security in the province to intimidate her and threaten her, incuding her children.



24. Yoel Acosta Gámez was detained in his home and Emilio Almaguer de la Cruz denounced surveillance operations


25. Niober García received a police summons and denounced the surveillance operation established at his home, in addition to Rolando Rodríguez Lobaina


26. Harrassment of the headquarters of Partido Libertario Cubano [Cuban Libertarian Party] José Martí

27. Surveillance at the home of Lady in White María Cristina Labrada Varona.

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

28. Eduardo Clavel Rizo received a police summons and as he returned from the interrogation they conducted an act of repudiation.

29. Eloy Calugna, Fernando Castro and Pastor René Machado were detained

30. We received reports of military presence in the streets of this municipality

31. Jorge Amado Robert denounced surveillance operations. Captain Ronaldo from State Security told him he could not leave his home.

Palma Soriano

32. Marioldis Delgado Romero received a police summons. Denia Fernández Rey and her husband were threatened by police to they would not leave their houses.

Sancti Spíritus

33. The military presence in Trinidad city was denounced.

Villa Clara

Santa Clara

34. Saily González, Raux Denis Rodríguez, Omar Mena and Leidy Laura Hernández denounced surveillance operations at their homes.

35. Persons dressed in civilian clothing harrassed Víctor Javier Ariaz Ruiz for putting a sign up at his house. An act of repudiation was conducted.


36. Librado Linares was intercepted in the street by Security agent who told him he could not leave his house until the 16th.

Pinar del Río

Pinar del Río

37. Under house arrest Julio César Góngora Millo. Consolación del Sur.

38. An act of repudiation for Yahima Díaz. Minas de Matahambre.

39. Surveillance at the home of Pedro Víctor Serrano.


40. Quivicán. Reports of harassment of detainees.


41. Alquízar. Diasniurka Salcedo is under house arrest.


42. Cárdenas. Surveillance at the home of Carlos Manuel Álvarez who is in New York.

Isla de la Juventud

43. Act of repudiation for David Gómez Sánchez.


44. Víctor González, one of the signers of the application for the march on 15N, was detained.

45. Miguel Alejandro Montero Ochoa, moderator of Archipiélago, was reported missing 24 hours ago. He later published a video informing that he was detained under Criminal Instruction. He was later released.

Ciego de Avila

46. A military event was held in Martí Park.

Las Tunas

Las Tunas

47. A grand police deployment with sirens throughout the streets of the city.


48. Pedro Lago Segura detained at work.

Translated by: Silvia Suárez