Horses and Inseminators / Regina Coyula

Reblogged from Manuel Díaz Martínez:

The digital newspaper Diario de Cuba today published today an article by Regina Coyula entitled “When you are king, when you are executioner,” in which the author lays bare the hypocrisy of some critics of the “pavonato” who carry the entire responsibility for this Stalinist eruption by Luis Pavón Tamayo, who died recently, as if this disciplined censor, who for five years headed the Castro tyranny’s National Council of Culture, had acted on his own and at his own risk. As he executed abominable orders, Pavón deserves condemnation, but it is obvious that his bosses deserve a more severe rejection. There are no Pavons without Castros, nor Berias without Stalins.

Finally I find a place to leave you note. Thank you very much for the reference. Tomorrow I will put up a nice post about Alcides; I would like it if you leave a comment, and Alcides will delight you, the post is a surprise party. From the title I give you an account of a certain influence of a favorite poet. A big hug.

7 June 2013