Freedom of Expression is Our Only Militancy

The formula we have chosen is to publish those ideas that go beyond the slogans, make known the diversity of arguments, as honestly as possible. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 6 December 2019 — The commitment to the truth, the vocation to open a space to the dissenting voices and the responsible exercise of freedom of expression, are an essential part of the editorial line of the newspaper 14ymedio. That is our militancy.

When we publish the arguments of those who propose to stop sending money to relatives in Cuba, suspend recharging the phones of those on the Island, and not travel to the Island, we are obliged to give a space to those who believe that this is not the solution and make other proposals.

One can not talk about a debate making known only one of the parties. Those who rule in Cuba throw everything in the same bag under the label of “the enemy” and that is the reason why the official press will never publish those divergent opinions that we offer to our readers.

In the environment of those who aspire to a change in the country, there is a very wide range from those who cry out for a military invasion of the United States to those who propose to terminate the US embargo and favor the economic growth of the country. Between the two poles there are numerous proposals, embedded in each of several ideological currents and with arguments that must be heard.

Independent journalism may encounter the dilemma of being partisan or neutral, but what it should not do is be oblivious to the discussion. The formula we have chosen is to publish those ideas that go beyond the slogans, and to make known the diversity of arguments, as honestly as possible.

It is the readers who are responsible for making a judgment, taking opinions from both sides to try to reach the truth or a conclusion that approximates it. We will not act beforehand with the scissors of the censors who discard an opinion because they do not share it. These pages are a space for plurality and democratic debate.


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