For the Record / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Black: Paved road. Brown: Gravel road. Green: Medium height vegetation. Brown side roads: Entrance to the rice fields.

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[Translator’s note: the official government version with OLPL commentary.]

In 140 yards of gravel [invisible to the driver until he was already on it?] and a steady braking without pumping the brake [why not simply leave his foot on the accelerator, what instinct of conservation made him stomp on the brake if in the gravel itself there was no immediate danger?] and sliding freely [and rapid loss of speed] without any supposed external impact etc. etc. [couldn’t the rear passengers escape during the controlled maneuver? Why didn’t they move to the right by instinct, and even open the right door and jump out — at least the young man seated there — just before hitting the tree of death?].

P.S. The Spaniard is marked for incineration; the Payá Acevedo family shouldn’t make any formal accusation against him, they should withdraw any charges against him so he can travel abroad freely to see if he is resuscitated.

P.S. The Swede who aspires to be president: was asleep, he woke up not with the sliding on the gravel but only with the braking, he gave the exact testimony necessary to fit, and lost consciousness so that he can return to Sweden to nominate himself when he grows up.

July 27 2012