Reynaldo Gonzales and The False Death of Fidel / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

REYNALDO GONZALEZ Y LA FALSA MUERTE DE FIDEL, originally uploaded by orlandoluispardolazo.

Source: From a meeting of the Cuban Writers and Artists Union (UNEAC) on 11 February 2012.

Note: Because this video is on Flickr, our subtitling site can’t handle it. So here is the translation and you can read along.

….he/she wins by making it harder for others… they win there, they can begin to speak, not of deeds but rather of the person and invent history

Every day they kill Fidel

Every day we’re even more corrupt and we have a hideous past and we are….I don’t know what

And that….there are people who ……I’ve been to Miami and I say: “damn! there’s a lot of people who are going to be stuck without work when Fidel really does die!”

Because friend, we’re going to see…… work because they live just to kill Fidel….they live finishing off Fidel…they’ve spent their entire life that way and they never get tired of it

and neither can we think that now when a Taliban is called for , not wanting it , not killing it

I would like to know, which of us has gone around the world slitting the throats of relatives because we all have someone, or some people, we all have complete families and we have love for these families and we haven’t quit loving them

This image, this desire to communicate among ourselves, is the motherland, like Gloria Estefan sings in a song….the fatherland calls you, this is true, it exists.

I have felt the fatherland in Miami, I have felt the fatherland in Paris and I’ve felt the fatherland (recording weakens )  intensely in Matanzas….this is the truth

Original Spanish transcript:

Gana con ponerle dificultades a los demas

como ganan alla, pueden empezar a hablar, no de la obra, sino de la persona e inventar la historia.

Todos los dias matan a Fidel

Todos los dias nosotros somos cada vez mas corruptos  y tenemos un pasado nefasto y somos no se que

Eso.. hay gente que… Yo he estado en Miami y digo “caramba, que cantidad de gente sin trabajo se van a quedar cuando realmente se muera Fidel”

porque caballero, va a ver un …. en el trabajo porque viven matando a Fidel,

viven acabando con Fidel … han pasado la vida… no se cansan…

y tampoco podemos pensar que ahora cuando se solicitaría un talibán, no quererlo, matarlo

Yo quisiera saber cual de nosotros ha ido por el mundo degollando parientes

porque todos tenemos a alguien, o “alguienes”, tenemos familias completas  y tenemos amor por esas familias y no hemos renunciado a quererlas

esta imagen, este deseo de comunicarnos, es la patria.. como cantaba en una cancion Gloria Estefan… la patria te llama, es la verdad, eso existe

yo he sentid la patria en Miami, yo he sentid la patria en Paris y he sentido la patria en la …

Translated by William Fitzhugh

February 12 2012