Fire Forces the Evacuation of Bus Stop in Havana

The fire occurred very close to the bus stop at 3rd and 70th in the municipality of Playa. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Juan Diego Rodríguez, Havana, 22 February 2022 — A fire in the exterior area of ​​a building next to the 3rd and 70th bus stop in the Havana municipality of Playa occurred on Monday afternoon without causing major damage. he fire occurred very close to the 3rd and 70th bus stop in the municipality of Playa. (14ymedio)

Three police patrols arrived at the scene within minutes of the fire spreading through the brush, but the agents could do little after the wind fueled the fire and interfered with nearby people’s ability to breathe due to the intense smoke that was released from the flames.

“But why so many police? Why don’t the firefighters come?” wondered a woman trying unsuccessfully to hail a taxi in the intense heat and smoke.

“It’s because they’re nervous because this morning it got hotter than that fire,” replied a young man who was waiting for the bus on route P1, clearly alluding to the protest that took place hours before, and a few meters from there, in front of the Costa Rican Embassy where hundreds of Cubans requested an expeditious transit visa to the Central American country.

After about 20 minutes the firefighters arrived, almost when the fire was going out. They vacated the bus stop and began pumping water over the still smoldering coals, while people at the stop joked about the fuss they made by coming to the site.

“They arrive when it’s all over,” said a slush vendor sarcastically.


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