Doubts Over an Official Note / Regina Coyula

So, at the end of the day, what is it that Alan Gross did? Was it ever proved that he was involved in spying activities? That he brought over subversive material (USB memory sticks, satellite phones?). Who were his contacts in Cuba? Why if he’s been detained for over a year is it only now that the population hears about this? Is it true that the wives of two of the five Cuban prisoners—jailed for spying—who were forbidden entry into the US were authorized to see their husbands and, in exchange, Alan Gross’s wife was allowed to visit him in prison? Neither of these questions is clarified in the brief note that was posted on the official organ, which tells of an imminent trial and a very strict district attorney.

(Non-official) NOTE

Last Monday, January 31st, I posted a piece titled Mazorra y el secretismo (Mazorra and Secrecy) where I claimed that no names had been named. That same day, the official press was publishing, for the first and only time, the names of the punished and the total of the sentences as a follow-up item of the news. For connectivity issues, this post was already programmed, and also for connectivity issues, it is not until now I am able to clarify this. The rest of the post stands. Thanks to all people who wrote comments, worried about my credibility.

February 8 2011