Diva-search / Regina Coyula #Cuba

Bola de Nieve

Readers, something light, in keeping with the season. In one of those conversations to fill the time between people who barely know each other, the topic of Divas came up. In Cuba, Alicia Alonso, distantly followed by Rosita Fornés; but neither Rita Montaner, nor Omara Portuondo, who were cited, are considered to be by me. Instead, I put forward Bola de Nieve (Snowball).

Diva (and Divo) is more than fame and career. Also each era has their own. Nearly a century ago Valentino’s status was undisputed, but today he would be ridiculous. The quintessential diva is Greta Garbo, but at that time Louise Brooks seemed much more interesting to me. Marilyn Monroe doesn’t impress me, but Sophia Loren, still today, has a powerful presence.

Sara Montiel and Carmen Sevilla are two nothings compared to La Faraona. And what can I say about Clark Gable? If he cleaned the Vaseline out of his hair, he could be a gallant or villain right now. Better a gallant, and that we see him take off more than the Vaseline. And the same for Ava Gardner with a slight makeover.

The way they’re presented in the news has made other artists, athletes and supermodels Divas just as much as the movies.

Mick Jagger, Cher, Andy Warhol, Tina Turner, Freddie Mercury, Usain Bolt, Cary Grant, Maria Felix … But everyone has their own.

Regina Coyula

December 27 2012