Discovering Freedom in a Prison / Angel Santiesteban

On the eve of my first year in prison

Officer Abat accompanied by a captain has visited the settlement with the intention of searching my writings and readings.

Can I borrow a section of the paper Papa? / Take it. / Thank you.
Phrase of the day: “The more I know man, the more I love my dog.” Diogenes
But, what kind of journalism is this? Where’s the dog’s opinion!

They started reading some news chosen by the editor of my blog to keep me updated with national and international events. While they did it, I watched the interest of knowing another reality prohibited for them. They were greatly surprised when they read El Nuevo Herald newspaper and saw the photo of Raul Castro in an article from the 7th of this month by the journalist Pedro Corzo: “The Castro Bourgeoisie.” With early tachycardia, the one who was reading it, hurried to the other officer to show him the offense but, brazenly, he read the extensive text with interest.

From my position, I reveled in watching them read the free press, different from the hardbound articles of the national press. In the end they left leaving all my papers in their place. I’m sure they left if not scared, at least more free. They learned that there are places where everything can be said, from one side and the other, where opinion is respected with worship.

Hopefully soon we will have a Cuba where there is this respect between so many who deny us and no one will be imprisoned for thinking differently.

Ángel Santiesteban Prats

Lawton Prison Settlement, February 2014

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12 February 2014