Déjà Vu

I did not hasten to stoop because I realized the piece of paper that had been slipped under my door was neither correspondence nor notification. I told myself This can wait and went on walking out to the street, which in full glitter patiently awaited for some steps to give it some shade and refresh it without the sustained torture of “postponed change” in this civic, lethargic reality.

I came back with three onions and a pack of insipid sausages that would add some protein to the four-person lunch at home that day. I opened the door, picked up the Granma (the State news publication) I found that I had been wrong: the group in power in Cuba—that has usurped our rights for over half a century—notified that they will again stretch the piece of Cuban-American chewing gum-pretext to continue living our lives themselves.

February 10 2011