Cuban Rapper El Funky Arrives in Miami and is Received by Yotuel Romero

Yotuel Romero hugs El Funky upon his arrival in the US (Screen capture)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 1 November 2021 — Cuban rapper Eliexer Márquez, El Funky, one of the performers of Patria y Vida, arrived this Sunday at the Miami international airport, where he was received by Yotuel Romero. Both will be present at the Latin Grammy gala on November 18, where the song, already known as an anthem for change on the island, is nominated for song of the year and best urban song.

El Funky told Yotuel, upon arrival at the terminal, that Maykel Castillo ’Osorbo’ , who is imprisoned in Kilo Cinco y Medio, in Pinar del Río since May 31, expressed his happiness that he was able to leave Cuba and “continue forward “and participate in the prizes. In addition, in the meeting, captured by Univisión cameras, the artist tells Romero: “They are up there above you and telling you that you may not come back. We let you leave but you may not come back … I have to my parents, I have my son.”

A few hours later, the rapper explained the situation on his social networks.

“I’m in Miami, yes, and the question of some is: ’Did they let you leave?’ No, the question is if you can go back. Now be clear that my objetive is called Maykel Castillo Pérez (El Osorbo) my brother and I will do everything possible and impossible to support their freedom as well as that of all imprisoned unjustly, I am here today on behalf of the San Isidro Movement and without forgetting my brothers Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara and Esteban Rodríguez and Anyelo Troya because I am in a country of freedom and it is a right to express yourself, this begins now,” he says.

The artist has received hundreds of comments on this message in which he is welcomed to the United States and good wishes are sent, although there are also those who have pointed out the work of expulsion that the regime is slowly carrying out against its critics.

“The dictatorship is doing what it does best, a guerilla of attrition, separating and silencing those in Cuba who raise their voices, to empower themselves even more. Little by little, removing the thorns that bother them and leaving the troops turned off without their most rebellious voices. I hope that for every Cuban who leaves the island a thousand will rise in rebellion for freedom, for homeland and life,” writes a user.

The photographer Anyelo Troya, who took the images of the video clip Patria y Vida filmed on the island, told this newspaper after hearing the news: “For me it is happiness, a lot of happiness, since he is another brother of mine who has suffered firsthand the price of making free art in this country.”

From Villa Clara, rapper Omar Mena “El Analista” told 14ymedio: “I am very happy that he has managed to leave and above all that his departure implies his presence at the Latin Grammy Awards, and that seems well deserved. Hugs for him.” He also considers that his presence at the event, of great international scope, has a symbolic power because “it will be the only face that managed to get from Cuba to there, if it has the possibility to speak, it will speak from the pain itself, from which it takes inside for real experiences.”

Shortly before leaving, El Funky received a call from Osorbo to tell him that he had abandoned the hunger and thirst strike that began days ago. “He is weak but fine. He wanted to notify us soon so that people did not continue to worry. He knows they love him. That is his greatest pride,” they said from the Facebook page of the artist who follows his case.


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