Cuba: Taking Control of Your Own Health in Times of Rampant Inflation

Spice seller in Havana, this Thursday.  Sign: “Attention! The products went up to 10.00 (pesos), please avoid malicious comments.” (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 15 April 2021 — Among sales kiosks run by the military, a private seller of spices in the Youth Labor Army market on Tulipán Street seems to have found the formula to prevent his premises from becoming a parliament of complaints to the “Ordering Task” and the rise of food prices, which have skyrocketed since the beginning of this year.

To take control of one’s own health, the self-employed person hung up a sign that reads: “Attention! The products went up to 10.00 (pesos), please avoid malicious comments.” His poster is not excessive.

Along with inspectors who fine sellers who dare to raise prices too high, the government has also thrown countless Communist Party militants and loyal Committees for the Defense of the Revolution members — known as ’cederistas’ from the initials CDR — into the streets to gather information on “unscrupulous merchants,” customers outraged by the cost of living, and anyone who lines up in a public square to complain against the Plaza de la Revolución.

These are days of talking quietly and taking care of each other, and the spice salesman knows it well.


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