Covenants and Demands / Rebeca Monzo

Antonio, Manuel, Wilfredo, Reinaldo, Elizardo

This morning, Saturday, June 16, Estado de Sats again hosted an interesting debate regarding a Citizen Demand for Another Cuba, and the United Nations Covenants on Human Rights, printed copies of which were handed out to everyone in attendance.

The panel consisted of Elizardo Sánchez Santa Cruz, Reinaldo Escobar, Wilfredo Vallín and Manuel Cuesta Morua, with Anthony Rodiles, the usual moderator and host.

The interesting debate was marked by concise and interesting presentations. Using the words of the panelists themselves, with their synthesis and content, I offer for your consideration:

The audience overflowing the room into the garden.

Manual Cuesta Morua: “Citizens are the base of legitimacy for States.”

Elizardo Sánchez: “I hope that this initiative comes to fruition.”

Reinaldo Escobar: “The country is violating every right enunciated in the Constitution.”

Dr. Wilfredo Vallín: “International law prevails over domestic law of a country.”

“There are exceptions to the letter of the pacts, and the State can use such exceptions; however, there cannot be exceptions that fundamentally change the spirit and intentions of such pacts.”

Antonio Rodiles: “Hopefully the covenants are a kind of road map.”

Again, as usual, an ever growing heterogeneous audience filled the large room and the surrounding gardens.

June 18 2012