Two Letters: Two Positions / Fernando Dámaso

Recently I read two letters that caught my attention. The first, written by Rafael Hernández, a pro-government political scientist based in Cuba, under the title “Letter to a young man who leaves,” trying to undo this massive trend, arguing the supposed benefits of the existing system in the country, offering them as some splendid options faced with a cruel world, ruthless and full of injustice, as is the capitalist. In aid of this he waves (it couldn’t be otherwise) the worn flags and slogans of a failed experiment on the path to extinction, in which most Cubans no longer believe,that left only ruins and misery and a divided nation, physically (the older men here and the younger scattered all around the world) and emotionally (with divided families by absurd hatreds).

The second one, written by the young Iván López Monreal, based in Bulgaria, under the title “Letter from a young man who left,” respectfully with solid arguments dismantles one by one the ones used by the government official. Without unnecessary offenses,in a measured tone, the young Cuban exposes his contradictory feelings before leaving, and how leaving the country was a logical course given the impossibility of realizing a healthy life project; the sorrow faced with the failure of his parents who had believed and devoted their best efforts to the experiment, and his actual situation: free and master of his fate.

It would be suitable that many citizens may have free access to those two documents, in which two different visions: one static and stuck in the past, and one in movement with his feet in the present, address in a civilized manner, in a controversial dialog, rich in contributions that show about the reasons of both sides.

After reading both letters, it appears as a logical conclusion that the present socialism, still updated, has nothing more, neither material nor spiritual, to offer to the Cuban people than repeating to the point of boredom the rhetoric of the so-called glorious past, with conveniently manipulated facts and figures in the name of a noisy patriotism, far from the true patriotism based on the love and respect for the land where one comes to life, and but for so many absurdities, where one should spend it and also in the end have some rest.

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Translated by @Hachhe

September 2 2012

Blogger, Therefore I Am / Dora Leonor Mesa

The execution of the sentence of case 174 from 2010 remains without solution and the procedures to get back my house’s backyard are still under a sabotage

On Wednesday August 22 I went for the umpteenth time to the Diez de Octubre Court. I was lucky. At least I talked to the President of the Civil Chamber. I asked her why she didn’t take all the incomplete work from the GECAL Director to the prosecutor’s office as she herself included in the act. She went mad!

– Your function is to resolve it! No?

One of those present began to laugh. She said something funny?

Suddenly the president of the Court arrived. I talked with him a few minutes. All I get was that he would give me an answer from his interview with the Chief of the Chief of GECAL in early September. I asked him for a copy of his formalities in writing. The laughter continued.

It occurred to me to ask if I could submit an appeal for the space the company GECAL wants to take from us, a name changed while still belonging to the Government of the province of Havana.

The magistrate recommended going to the Court of Cerro. With the changes, this is where the appeal on the grounds of unconstitutionality and other civil proceedings under the Diez de Octubre municipality are handled.

I went immediately to the Court of Cerro. They informed me that I have to do all the processing through a lawyer, even if all the documentation of the file is in the Court of Diez de Octubre (¿?).

I asked God for strength and managed to get myself to the center of town to talk to my lawyer. I asked if he would continue representing me. In sum, with prayers and inquiries, the general tour lasted three hours. A package adorned with the dismal urban transport. Walking is health.

Concluding that the blows of life give strength,I take every trip to learn some laws:Property damage, an appeal,writ of protection of fundamental rights. Not bad for an ordinary citizen.

I got home and found the pots empty. The refrigerator desolate. Non gratus!

I’m starting to believe that in Cuba it’s more fun to try to enforce the law than to cook.

I lost my interest in good cooking!

Also I have to write for the blog. At least Plapliplo is a break.

I hesitate for an instant.

-Family, wait a little bit.

Yes I’m a blogger: I post therefore I am

Translated by @hachhe

August 28 2012