Bad Handwriting in La Joven Cuba (26) / Regina Coyula

For Peralo for your post “The socialism I want

My dear teacher, I liked this post very much for its inclusiveness. Ultimately we live in the same society and we see it tarnished by the claim that the dissidents are thugs and neo-annexationists. For and against the government there are the good and bad, conditions that have nothing to do with ideology.

I am convinced will be born and we Cubans will not be that child’s parents. Like other socio-economic formations, it will not be imposed, it will come naturally from the development of productive forces, and no one will be able to violate the laws postulated by the theorists.

Could you tell me then, should we cross our arms? I would say to you, no, that trying to make a perfectable society, without labels or political stripes, with a body of laws that no one is exempt from, with social security, with individual freedom, we could achieve so much more than the overwhelming ideological propaganda — which falls on deaf ears– and which has allowed a small group to misgovern the country for more than half a century.

I think the 1959 revolution was necessary. But there were too many mistakes by the leadership of the country, and now once again we ask people for carte blanche. Long ago I exhausted my dose of confidence. Better I think that the young people govern a country where 60% of the population is under 55, people like you, because you understand better your contemporaries and your time.

Transparency. Much transparency for all public functions. To be critical since Cuba does not generate a sense of risk. I am also being dreamy. Combat, it works because power is not life, which constitute a Council of Elders if that’s the popular vote, but we retire our leaders when their best years are gone. Leave to our children a true democracy.

January 30 2012