Another Absence / Rosa María Rodríguez Torrado


It’s still not a year since we suffered the death of Laura Pollán — in October — and in January that of Wilmar Villar, when mourning once again cloaked the feelings and spirit of the alternative civil society in Cuba. Oswaldo Payá, the most prominent of the opposition leaders inside Cuba, is physically absent from the atlas of the peaceful Cuban opposition.

He fought prompted by his Catholic faith, commitment and love for Cuba, and to win relevance for proposals ignored on the radar of the authorities, who only legitimate and recognize the rights and the participation in the national political life of their followers. But the dreams of liberty that encouraged his tireless work for the freedoms, human and civil rights of Cubans, will survive in the future of the nation.

I remember the concern between the years 1988 and 1990 because it seemed that they didn’t hear or value a discourse coming from political authenticity, and that left the members of the Christian Liberation Movement without the international recognition they needed and at the mercy of the arbitrariness of the Cuban authorities.

Oswaldo’s constant struggle came to fruition scratching at the dictatorial inconsistencies of the Cuba’s Constitution itself. The Varela Project and the program All Cubans, stand and are fused with the history of our country. Those who dig graves for the rights and freedoms of Cuba cannot bury Oswaldo’s example nor hide their totalitarian outrages of hatred and discrimination.

May our exemplary compatriot rest in peace.

July 31 2012