About the Law of Property (IV) / Cuban Law Association, Mérida de la C. Pastor Masson

Lic. Mérida de la C. Pastor Masson

In terms of Civil Law, we have in our society an interesting daily theme which, because it is unknown, we are led to act unwisely on many occasions.

We have all once said “this is mine”, “this is my house”, “this is my car”, and these words cover in reality those assets which are intended to satisfy the material and spiritual needs of the holder of the item, that’s to say, its owner.

Included in personal property matters are your salary, the house which you gain some kind of legal title to, as well as vacant lots and personal and family-owned working materials (Art. 157, Section 5).

These resources (relating to work), are well-defined as being unable to be used to obtain income by way of exploiting the labor of another.

The state does of course also recognise property owned by societies, associations and charities as well as mixed and joint undertakings, as well as that belonging to other legal entities of a special nature, which are governed by the law and treaties as well as the statutes and regulations of the legal entities in question, which supplement the Civil Code.

As I said before, it’s an interesting subject and therefore I will continue on this property theme and in Chapter 3 will deal with the body of law dealing with shared ownership. In this manner we will carry on until we exhaust the commentaries relating to property in the current Civil Code.

Translated by GH

9 September 2013