A Contest Will Support Cuban ’Influencers’ to be "Stars of the Networks"

The call for Cuban ’influencers’ is open as of December 12 and works will be received until January 10, 2020. (14ymedio)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 14 December 2019 — The presenter Alex Otaola has launched, on Wednesday, a call to find and support five young Cubans residing on the Island who want to become the new stars of social networks, according to a statement received in the 14ymedio newsroom.

The call seeks to open new channels of expression and opinion to new generations and to the voices of young people living in Cuba so they can freely express and share their ideas, share their experiences and promote social change.

“Do you have something interesting to share and tell society? Do you feel like being heard and changing something in your community? Do you have that something, that X factor, that charisma that makes people turn to see you? Well, this one It’s your chance, “asks Otaola. “If so, I invite you to join the Cuban Power Network!”

The selection of the winners will be made from the videos published on the YouTube platform sent by the participants. The winners must overcome three qualifying stages: in the first 12 semifinalists will be selected, then eight and finally the five winners.

The topics for which they can compete are: Powerful Cubans; Geeks, Tech and Gaming; Future Society: Dreams for Cuba; Art or Music: Express yourself as you want; Life in my neighborhood: how to live in different parts and sectors of society; LGBTIQ: Our right to love and our bodies; Environment and animal rights.

The call is open as of Thursday, December 12 and works will be received until January 10, 2020. The rules of the contest and the selection process can be found on the Red Cuban Power Facebook page .

“Within the framework of the week in which we celebrate International Human Rights Day, we want the information to run within Cuba in a better way,” Otaola added after the announcement was published.

In the last year, and after the arrival of the web browsing service to mobile phones, the number and scope of influencers who publish content from the Island has been enhanced . With topics ranging from football, through everyday life and Until they get to fashion, these young people publish fresh, creative and original content often away from political issues.


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