What About Us? / Reinaldo Escobar

On Monday we woke up to a lot of news: In France there is a socialist president replacing the conservative Sarkozy; in Russia Vladimir Putin assumed the presidency and appointed, as prime minister, the outgoing president Medvedev; there were also elections in Greece and Lithuania but we will have to wait for the second round to know the results.

Amid the uncertainty produced by the worsening health of Hugo Chavez, people are also talking about, these days, the Venezuelans going to the polls in October to elect a president; and with signs of recovering relations with Mexico, we learn that in that country the PRI threatens to return to power.

But in Cuba, none of this happens. Within ten months Raul Castro will be reelected and now, three months after the first Cuban Communist Party Conference, where they announced the renewal of the party’s Central Committee up to 20%, still nothing moves. What is happening, according to the official position, is that no one is sufficiently prepared to take over. Personally, I agree with that view. I do not know the name of any person able to sustain this situation any longer.

7 May 2012