Two Thieves Rob the Owner of a Private Business in Holguin and Kill Him With a Machete

Frómeta had a vehicle repair and sales business, in addition to a café. (Facebook/Pedro Frometa)

14ymedio bigger 14ymedio, Havana, 8 January 2024 — Pedro Luis Frómeta, owner of a private business in Holguín, was murdered at his home in the course of a violent robbery in the early hours of Sunday. A source close to the family told 14ymedio that the victim was taken to the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin General Hospital at 3:00 am, bleeding and with fatal injuries caused by a machete.

According to Hortensia, a woman from Holguin who was in the Guard Corps and heard about what happened from Frómeta’s family, the altercation must have occurred between 12:00 and 2:00 am on Sunday morning. “It seems that Frómeta heard noises, his dog was barking , and he got up to see what was happening. He encountered two thieves, and while he struggled with them, his wife attempted to ask for help by phone.”

One of the criminals took the phone away and locked her in a room, says Hortensia

One of the criminals took the phone away and locked her in a room, says Hortensia. “It seems that there was another phone inside, because she managed to call and ask for help. Unfortunately, by the time it arrived, the thieves had already escaped and Frómeta was dead.”

The holguinera explains that the thieves managed to take several items, although she did not give details, and that the victim was left disfigured, with a “cut ear and and his head slashed down the middle.” “He bled to death,” she says and adds that the robbery could have been motivated by “people who knew that he had money.”

Other versions, such as the one disseminated by YouTuber Niover Licea, indicate that Frómeta had just sold a vehicle and the thieves were looking for the money, so they could be people who knew about it. He also stressed that the victim had been stabbed seven times and that the assailants did not take any objects from the house.

Hortensia, on the other hand, has not heard “anything about a car,” but agrees that the thieves “went after the money” of Frómeta, who was dedicated to the repair of vehicles for sale in addition to running a café in his home. “He had a very nice house on the outskirts of Holguín, before you come to a military unit and very close to the cabaret El Nocturno,” she explains.

“Frómeta lived very well, and his house had good security: padlocks, alarms and, I think, even cameras. The thieves managed to dodge all that,” says Hortensia.

The age of the victim, as well as the name of the business he owned are not known, although some posts on social networks suggest that he was 57 years old.

That is not the only case of violence that has occurred in Holguín. Just yesterday, a woman was assaulted in the cemetery in the city center

“That is not the only case of violence that has occurred in Holguín. Just yesterday, a woman was assaulted in the cemetery in the city center at 9:00 am. The criminals were on a motorbike,” says Hortensia. As she explains, gangs have recently been created in the city of “young boys who go on electric motorcycles assaulting people. They are organizing,” she regrets.

This Sunday in Holguín, a young man was robbed of a motorcycle near the tobacco factory. According to the victim’s wife, who reported it on social networks, three men threatened him with a knife in order to steal his vehicle. “One had a tattooed cross on his face,” she said.

Last December, in a speech to Parliament, Juan Carlos Poey, Minister of the Interior, warned that “in the adverse scenario” of the Island, it is very likely that “crime will evolve to a higher level of organization,” more complex than gangs or small networks of traffickers.

The leader assured that the police would be prepared to face any situation. However, the work of the authorities to stop the wave of violent crimes in recent years makes many doubt: “If they aren’t protecting us now, what can we expect later?”

Translated by Regina Anavy


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