To Be of Use / Fernando Dámaso

  1. With some of the great historical personalities something very worrying has happened to me: the more I know about them the less they impress me.
  2. On delving deeply into their lives and acts, I have discovered greatness and baseness in almost equal parts, according to the interests of each moment.
  3. Presented to us in school as extraordinary and special beings, anointed by fate to achieve great feats in different areas, we learn to consider them unattainable for the common citizen.
  4. Perhaps because of this they seem so distant and become strange Olympian gods, material for books, painting, sculptures, music, film, et cetera, over the span of time.
  5. Although it is not healthy to stare at the sun looking for spots, I understand that besides paying attention to its light, it is important not to forget the spots. So, at least, we can see they are not so different from us, we will be more fair in our assessments and, perhaps, they will more useful to us in our daily lives.

December 6, 2010