Three New Murders Are Reported in Cuba Thanks to Social Networks

César Alejandro was killed while enjoying the Canchánchara Festival in Trinidad, held between December 8 and 10. (Daismany Palacio/ Facebook)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, December 11, 2023 — Social networks have once again highlighted the increase in violence in Cuba, which in recent days left at least three people dead: César Alejandro, Damián Reyes and Jadier Fuentes, in Sancti Spíritus, Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey, respectively.

The case of César Alejandro, 19, has been confirmed by Daismany Palacio, who presents himself as the victim’s uncle. In a post published on his Facebook profile, he claims that the crime occurred during the celebration of the Canchánchara Festival, in the Sancti Spíritus city of Trinidad.

Palacio, currently residing in Dallas, Texas, said in a live broadcast that his nephew was attacked by five young people, one of whom stabbed him in the stomach while the rest beat him.

“Right now my heart is broken into thousands of pieces. Two hours ago I just received the worst news in this world, that they killed my nephew, who was like a son to me,” said Palacio. He added that during the holidays, the police are focused on safeguarding the tourists, relegating Cubans to the background.

During the broadcast, Palacio expressed, in addition to his pain, the concern that the presence of alcohol in popular festivals helps fuel this type of event.

Right now my heart is shattered in thousands of pieces. Two hours ago I just received the worst news in this world, that they killed my nephew, who was like a son to me

Guillermo Ángel Soto del Valle, who claims to be a doctor at the General Hospital of Trinidad, commented in a post made on the Facebook group “Trinidad Remembers You” that César Alejandro died in the operating room and that it was impossible to save him.

In the case of Damián Reyes, the report was made on Instagram by user Niover Licea, who explained that the young man was murdered in the neighborhood of Portuondo, in the municipality of Santiago de Cuba, when he tried to mediate in a fight between a friend and the alleged aggressor.

According to ADN Cuba, Jadier Fuentes, 32, was recently murdered in the town of Indalla, in the municipality of Vertientes, Camaguey, allegedly by a man known as El Pinto, who killed him with a machete.

After decades of control by the Communist media, the independent press is announcing numerous cases of murders that now are known thanks to social networks. In addition, the population is also warning of an increase in violent crime. Last November, Bohemia magazine published a report, based on a “non-representative” digital survey conducted by the media, which indicated that 92.4% considered that violence has increased a lot, while 42% reported having been aware of 10 or more events of this nature in the last half year. Almost half said that an immediate family member or close person was a victim of crime.

The report also mentioned cases of sexist violence, although the data compiled by the authorities are far from the records of independent media and feminist platforms. According to the 14ymedio database, with the murder of Dorka Velázquez Casal, age 15, in the town of Aguacate, in Santiago de Cuba, this makes 79 feminicides in Cuba during this year.

Translated by Regina Anavy


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