Three Crosses Over Julian Assange / Luis Felipe Rojas

As incredible as it may seem, Julian Assange is (in his own way) a cyber-dissident.  In some way or another, he enjoyed the benefits of democracy, he was born in it, he grew tired of what he said were its errors, and turned against it.  But, what would have happened if amid the thousands of cables he filtered to the press there were those which spoke of the abuses of power in governments such as those of China, North Korea and Cuba, or the connections between Venezuela and the populist fleet of ALBA?

That is a cross which Assange must carry, a question he must answer.  The diplomatic cables in which they speak of Chinese cyber-dissidents locked away in the dungeons of Canton, the complaints of Western diplomats in regards to the poor handling in Caracas, Quito or Buenos Aires shine in their absence.

The government of Havana reproduces information of European newspapers, but does not publish any analysis over cases of Cuban journalists.  Up to the moment, there are no official opinions with respect to this.  If Assange would have snuck into the British Embassy in Havana, the mild Fifth Avenue would have already seen the deployment of mobs of repudiation and the assault troops of the extinct Colonel Tony de la Guardia would have assaulted the embassy with physical blows.  As said in Cuban terms: A different rooster would have crowed.

The images which the sole television programming of Cuba lets us see show dozens of demonstrators (apparently Ecuadorians in London) asking for the respect of freedom of expression.  In that instant, Julian, the exile, steps out to the balcony to defy the American government, salutes his sympathizers and appears in numerous channels which some uninformed people like us were able to see.

Even with the diplomatic jams which have taken place, Julian Assange enjoys a promotional health which many would like.  What does not convince me of the Assange affair are the interests of the cursed triad: Moscow-Havana-Quito.  We must have to wait for the end of the soap opera, to see what will happen.

Translated by Raul G.