This Should Have Come Out on the 11th / Regina Coyula

A post here, a post there, always the nostalgia of a connection, but many wants have betrayed me up to here. Our Mala Letra is a year old today. And in this year the apathetic Regina disappeared on one day like any other, and I am the Regina I am now; interested, studious, alert, patient, and optimistic. I’m a worse housekeeper than I described, but before I had a certain method and now I do it all when I can and in a hurry, but always with the house neat and clean because when I least expect it, someone shows up to share that coffee that I offered as an olive branch. A lot of adrenaline, a lot of self-esteem, content with myself as even I can’t remember I could be, content with the more than 100,000 entries, content with the possibility that I’ve been given this space to strike up old friendships I’d lost track of, and content with the friends I’ve made. Amazed with the spread of the blog such that I had the idea of trying to list the sites that linked to me with the idea of reciprocity, and when the list got into the three hundreds, the connection dropped; so it has been impossible for me to add those links. They aren’t on my blogroll, but they are certainly in my thanks. I’ve had a few diversions in the theme of the blog, which is Cuba; but also I’ve tried to bring to those who read me an idea of the person behind the words. Celebrate for me and you will be celebrating with me. For that, congratulations, readers!

Translated by: JT

November 17, 2010