They Neither Accepted the Charges Nor Paid the Fines / CID

Yilian Lucia Orama and Alexander Rodriguez, her husband–activists for the Independent and Democratic Cuba party (CID) in Santa Clara–were detained at 2 pm January 8 in the municipality of Camajuani, Villa Clara province.

Yanisbel Valido Perez, delegate from CID in the province, reported via telephone that the activists traveled to that municipality with the purpose of buying a pair of shoes and on their return were arrested by ten uniformed police officers who demanded to search them in the public roadway.  As both refused they were transferred to a police station by Cesar, a repressive agent.

After they were stripped of their clothes and absolutely nothing was found, each was fined 30 pesos, national currency, for charges of “Public Disorder,” that is, for not letting themselves be searched in public.  The CID activists did not accept the charges and refused to pay the fines after they were freed.

Translated by mlk.

12 January 2014