The Wolf and the "Butterfly" / Rebeca Monzo

From its very beginnings, in this neighborhood of Nuevo Vedada, it opened its chrysalis, a small but well-stocked shop: The Butterfly, on 41st Street between Conill B and 24th. It was famous in its heyday, among other things because they filmed some scenes there of a very popular move among us: The Birds Shooting the Shotgun.

With the passage of time, this shop went through innumerable transformations, so many that different administrators have passed through it. Bit by bit the famous butterfly lost its quality, up to the present day without its precious pollen, which allowed it to soar.

More than a year ago, due to several attempts to rob it and break its shop windows, they decided to put in alarms. But unlike in other countries, where an efficient security service responds to these devices, these alarms go off over and over the whole night and early morning, interrupting the sleep and tranquility of the neighbors, without anyone coming to shut them off. To the point where it’s become something like the boy who cried wolf. Nobody pays any attention, though of course the noise continues to disturb the neighborhood.

A couple of days ago the shop was cordoned off and in the custody of the police. Late at night a couple of thieves managed to cut the bars and break the glass in the door, ignoring the alarm siren, and getting in and stealing three flat-screen TVs. But what they apparently took using their heads, they broke using their feet. Tired of carrying the valuable and heavy cargo on their shoulders, on arriving at Boyeros Avenue they saw some police, and afraid of being apprehended, they left the boxes in the middle of the street and fled.

The violated store was then closed for several days, with the consequent annoyance to the neighbors, who came there looking for some critical things that are only offered in this area at that store.

We hope from now on that the administration will take note of what happened and make appropriate arrangements, so that the alarm will be properly attended to and it won’t continue uselessly annoying the residents of the area, without bringing any protection to the establishment. Otherwise, the story of the boy and the wolf will repeat itself, and when the little animal actually appears everyone will ignore it, just like now, not to mention the collateral damage occasioned to the ears of the neighborhood.

January 12 2012