The Most Natural Thing in the World / Reinaldo Escobar

... and democratic. Photo: Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

In his regular column in the newspaper Granma today, Monday October 3rd, the Spanish consulate general directly informed the citizens of that country living in Cuba that from today until October 10th the “electoral list will be exhibited” at the consulate. Thus, these Spaniards will know in advance who the candidates are, and eventually they will return there to exercise their right to vote.

Have the citizens of “the motherland” noticed that such announcements, directed at Cubans, do not appear in the newspapers of their country?

Because the outraged who demand a better democracy for Spain know it. We, not even that. When we travel beyond the island, be it for a temporary visit or because we have decided to live elsewhere, no one advises us of the electoral processes.

I forgot to mention that those of us who live permanently in Cuba, we don’t get to choose anything. Every five years they present us with a list of Parliamentary candidates for a complete or partial approval, but we have nothing to do with selecting the choices, and what’s more, nobody is outraged, or almost nobody.