The Head of Cuba’s Guantanamo Military Region Dies in a Traffic Accident

One of the images of the accident in Baire, Santiago de Cuba, shared on social networks. (Facebook)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana , 15 February 2022 — Colonel Erasmo Méndez Fernández, head of the Guantánamo military region, died this Tuesday in a car crash in Baire, Santiago de Cuba.

The soldier collided head-on with his car, a Geely with license plate F001617, with a bus from the state tourist agency Transgaviota, when he was overtaking at the height of the elevated bridge at the entrance to the municipality of Santiago.

According to witnesses who reported on social networks, the Operational Investigative Guard appeared at the scene to clarify the circumstances of the incident, as well as Government and Party authorities in the municipality of Contramaestre.

The Guantánamo military region was created in 2000 as part of the restructuring of the Armed Forces in Cuba. Previously, Méndez had been head of the Las Tunas military region and, before that, of the Border Brigade, which guards the border perimeter with the territory where the US naval base in Guantánamo is located.


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