The End of the Good Star / Regina Coyula

Estrella Madrigal Valdés

Estrella Madrigal Valdés

I do not believe it, but the rumors circulating about Estrella Madrigal Valdés, former president of the Chamber of Commerce are diverse and nothing good (for her).

They say her replacement was announced shortly before the Fair of Havana, that she is under investigation at home unable to leave, that she (or her spouse, depending on the version), has businesses and bank accounts in Panama or Bahamas.

These are comments from MINCEX  workers and foreign firms, in the press that hasn’t reported even a word on the matter. In any case, it is no surprise that another “box” until yesterday of the highest confidence, fall into a web of corruption. Moreover, if the Comptroller General’s Office finds no others, it’s for to lack of resources (or authorization), because in times of crisis, people can adopt the motto of the CIMEX Corporation’s chain of dollar stores: “Mine first.”

15 November 2013