The Disappointment of Dayron Robles / Anddy Sierra Alvarez

One of the greatest Cuban athletes with major international significance after “Javier Sotomayor” is now left with a bitter taste in his mouth, the victim of a scam by the managers of the Cuban Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER).

The dramatic issue of payments to the athlete for his international triumphs, which was left hanging with a delay of 3 years, on a suit brought by an attorney from IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) to fight for their interests, which was won satisfactorily.

The star of the fences motivated by his great victory, which earned him significant pay, made a fresh start but engraved in his subconscious remains the disappointment.

Suffering the loss of the gold medal that he’d won in the world championship in Daegu, he saw how the country he represented didn’t fight the dramatic claim by the Chinese athlete, for contact in the competition, normal for this type of event, where we see the Chinese athlete stuck to the line nearest the rail of the Cuban, we never see a change in Dayron’s technique but from the exclamations made recently to the press, it seems that his statements were manipulated in the world, perhaps he was pressured by the State Security agents who always “escort” the Cuban delegation.

He thought that at some point his training conditions would have improved on the island, but they never did; to announce his retirement at age 25 suggests that disappointment goes much farther.

March 20 2012