The Cuban Regime’s ‘Evidence’ Against the Miami ‘Terrorists’: A Jet Ski and Three Pistols

The official spokesperson Humberto López at a moment during the broadcast of the program on Cuban Television. (Razones de Cuba/YouTube/Screen capture)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, December 10, 2023 — This Saturday in his usual space on the Cuban Television’s main news program, presenter Humberto López denounced Manuel Milanés Pizonero and Miguel Gómez Bartulo, Miki Terrori, for financing acts of sabotage on the Island. The report comes a few days after the National List of Terrorists was published in the Official Gazette, a list which includes both exiles.

López tried to show evidence of how, from the state of Florida, subversive actions are financed on the Island. The official spokesperson assured that a Cuban resident in the United States had arrived on the coast of Matanzas on a jet ski with a ’shipment’ of weapons and ammunition. According to the images presented, there are actually three guns and some bullets.

López tried to show evidence of how, from the state of Florida, subversive actions are financed on the Island

The audiovisual material, during which it was mentioned several times that the investigation is still in process, included interviews with two detainees for their alleged involvement in the plan. Those arrested, residents of Cuba, claimed to have received money to burn cane fields and tobacco storehouses, and even to attack public officials.

The two witnesses, despite being detained and subject to criminal proceedings, presented excellent appearances and communication skills in front of the camera. They insisted that those who direct them from “abroad” are Cubans residing in the United States: Manuel Milanés Pizonero and Miguel Gómez Bartulo.

López also exhibited the alleged criminal files of Milanés Pizonero and Gómez Bartulo, as well as those of Amijail Sánchez González and Michel Naranjo Riverón, known as Kiki Naranjo. The presenter also resorted, as he usually does, to morally discrediting those involved.

Manuel Milanés Pizonero is a Cuban influencer with more than 150,000 followers on his YouTube channel. In his programs he analyzes the Cuban reality and denounces acts of corruption by regime officials.

In his report of the alleged destabilization plans, López also included possible sabotage against the electro-energy system, which is currently going through a serious crisis due to fuel shortages and the poor state of the thermoelectric plants.

The spokesperson reinforced his complaint by assuring that, despite the destabilizing actions, Cubans are going to celebrate the end of the year “because they deserve it and it is tradition.” Cubans’ Christmas celebrations, however, are marked in 2023 by the lack of food, rampant inflation and mass exodus.

Politician Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, journalist Ninoska Pérez and presenter Alex Otaola are some of the 61 names from the National Terrorist List

Last Thursday, in an extraordinary Official Gazette, the Government published a list of Cuban residents in the United States whom Havana accuses of “stimulating, financing and carrying out acts of sabotage” and “promoting, organizing and carrying out activities against the functioning of public institutions.”

The politician Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, the journalist Ninoska Pérez and the presenter Alex Otaola are some of the 61 names on the National Terrorist List. The inventory also includes 19 organizations “that carry out actions against State security,” whose members, we are warned, are “wanted by the authorities.”


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